Monday, July 2, 2012

Buddy of the month!

I've decided to have a monthly buddy featured on Animal Jam Stream. 
Remember, to be buddy of the month you have to be a good friend. (More than simply just having your name on my buddy list.)

The first buddy is...


We both met at one of LoveLost's parties. She said that she wanted to remember the party with an item, so I traded her a green non member glove for her white one. We still have those gloves today. :)
We became friends shortly afterwards.
She has given me the utmost support with my blog and has been one of the 
best friends I've ever had. :D


  1. W00T!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD
    I think you know who this is :D ;D
    And you featured my favorite animal I had ;)

  2. She is my friend too XD
    Congrats Elephantwolf


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