Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fox Topiary & crazy bunny hat

There's a new fox topiary in stores.
Not many put topiaries in their dens anymore. :I

In the rare item monday post on the Daily Explorer, it looks like this:
The picture looks like the regular Epic Dragon, and not the rare. 

Yesterday, I made a discovery.. a discovery that you hopefully don't know already..
It's that bunny hats are gargantuan on foxes.
Once I found that out, me and my friends paraded through Jamaa wearing bunny hats on foxes.

It was fun. c:


  1. LOL!!!! They look so funny on foxes LOL!!!!


    P.S I sent you an invite to your email to contribute my blog! :D

  2. I created a new blog! Http://animaljamdragon-chu714.blogspot.com


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