Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lots of new stuff

Hey everyone! There's been a new update along with new items, parties, and dens! 

There's a new game called 'Falling Phantoms'
I still haven't found out where to click to play it. :/

Thanks to this thingy in the Jamaa Journal, you now know what the foxes are shaped like. :D They look so cute!! I have a feeling this animal will be very popular.
If you look at Jammer Central, it's obvious the next pet will be...
TURTLES!!! :D I absolutely love turtles!
There are rare butterfly glasses in Jam Mart Clothing. I thought yesterday was Rare Item Monday..

There is also a new FANTASY CASTLE! It's reeaaally expensive though. :/

You might have seen this on the shelf in the summer carnival, but now it's in stores and you can put this item on your animals. 

And there's a new item in Jam Mart Clothing! It doesn't fit with the whole 4th of July theme though.

Today, I went to this person's den and saw a cool glitch. 
As you can see, the symbol for the "Jam On!" music is sitting there in their den!!
Not surprisingly, the music 'Jam On!' was playing too.

For the second time, I was on epic dens! Yayy! :D

I found an annoying glitch. If you come back to your den with a sparkler from the new freedom party, you hear the repeated sounds of someone changing animals. 
Even while your playing games! 

Oh, and I'm not going to do a post on the freedom party. You can go explore there yourself. ;)


  1. i go to Snowyclaw's blog and Lovelost's blog, and they think the fox might always stand on hind legs but i think it's just doing a dance on play action. and btw why does it look like someone bit the fox ear? lol. oh and i hope foxes are non member


  2. Foxes should be nonmember, as to me they're not too amazing like giraffes. More like wolves ;)


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