Monday, July 16, 2012

Rare Rhino Helmet!

Hi everyone! Today's rare is....
 Well, look at the header. You can probably figure it out.

Rare Rhino Helmet! ^^
Quite expensive.
I think it looks coolest on Pandas and Bunnies.
This week, I have cartooning class so I wont be able to update Berry The Koala very soon. Well, that's not much of a difference than on a regular day.
I keep forgetting to update it earlier.. :I

Oh, and here's a picture of me copying my friend, who's copying my name, who's copying my emotey... WHICH IS WHICH!?

By the way, I encourage you to comment! Comments bring joy to my soul. :D


  1. Left one is you, right one is your friend...just guessing :)

  2. Crunchy Berryfriend Here-

    The one on the right is you.


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