Sunday, July 8, 2012

Starfish glasses and kitty glitch

Hi everyone! There's a new underwater clothing item in Bahari Bargains!

The starfish glasses. These naturally remind me of the Star Glasses that went out of stores. 

A while ago, I was in my friend kat33657's den playing games with her, when this cool pet glitch happened!
How this happened, I have no idea. I took this picture at the last moment before it faded entirely. :D


  1. Cool!I wish I knew how to take pics on my computer,cause I see TONS of glitchs.....

    1. What I do is press Shift command 4 to take a screenshot.

    2. I use Alt/Print screen.. Then we got a new keyboard Alt PrtScn SysRq
      Lol! This has been Elephantwolf


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