Saturday, August 4, 2012

Clearance items & Sky High

Hi everyone! My writer's block with Berry The Koala is over :D. (and hopefully for a long time.) 

And here is a complete list of clearance items:

  • Green Lawn Chair (Jam Mart Furniture)
  • Fire Pot (Chamber of Knowledge)
  • Elephant Shoji Screen (Jam Mart Furniture)
  • Arctic Hood (The Cocoa Hut)
  • Arctic Coat (The Cocoa Hut)         
There is also Double Gems on Sky High!

I'd like to thank ElephantWolf for informing me that there is a new pattern for foxes! 
It helped me make my raccoon/fox. :)

And please check out furryfruit73's blog. :) AJ Flicker

1 comment:

  1. I made a Raccoon/Fox too and tht is wat i was trying to tell you yesterday doomy she Fuzzy commented


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