Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crystal Couch

Hey Jammers! There's yet another crystal item in Epic Wonders.

I'd post a picture, but my computer–for some reason!– wont let me! Well, it does let me but the loading is so slow that if I did try to post a picture, I'd be done with this post by christmas if I'm lucky..
Well, basically, the crystal couch looks like the crystal chair but wide. It has a slight resemblance to the ice thrones.

My good friend Cloudywish and me are good friends in real life, but live far away.
We see each other four or five times a year. One day, in one of the rare times I did get to see her, I told her about Animal Jam and she got an account. 
She didn't come online for many months due to her busy schedule. The next time I saw her, she said that she'll be online in a couple days. After I got back home from that visit, I played Animal Jam. I clicked her name on my buddy list and ya know what I saw? It had been deactivated. Now she cant even log on!
If that new thingy with the deactivated users hadn't been released in one of those updates, I'd still see her. And no, she doesn't have an email. :(


  1. I knew a Jammer who had a deactivated account. When she logged on to that account it let her log on and play. So that is kind of weird. I hope she gets to play Animal Jam! Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

  2. ☼pielover4ever☼August 8, 2012 at 4:03 PM

    aw, im sorry to hear about your friend. maybe somehow you can video chat with her or call her?


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