Friday, August 10, 2012

ElephantWolf's party & 5,000+ page views!

Hey jammers! Today I checked the page views of the blog to see how I've been doing, and I saw that I got over 5,000 page views! Yippee!
I do not mean to brag though, I just never thought my blog would get this far.
I was thinking about having a little party on sunday, what do you guys think?

Speaking of parties, yesterday ElephantWolf sent me a message saying she was having a party on saturday! Here are the details if you'd like to come:

When?: saturday, august 11, at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time 
Where?: ElephantWolf's den 
Dress code: Look like some sort of a food, and Elephantie will jump for joy if you arrive as an elephant :). But it's ok if you're a non member.
Important notes: Santa will be there. This is ElephantWolf's party not mine. Mine is on sunday. Just for clarification ^^;

Also, I wanted to enter in the den contest yesterday, but I had no ideas. So I drew a beta den and submitted it.
This is sort of what it looks like, but simplified. Yes, I know this drawing ain't too good, but I'm terrible at drawing on the computer. Also it is missing many details, but I wasn't in beta so I had to use a lot of pictures to help me with my drawing.

*EDIT* Sorry, I was going to post about the new item, but I zoned out and clicked the 'Publish Post' button. :I
These are new in Jam Mart Furniture! Very natural looking. 0-0
They look out of place if you hang just one... Well, there goes all my hard earned gems...


  1. :) You rock! Santa will give extra presents to ya ;)

  2. I met Santa :3 and Mrs. Claus. Very nice.

  3. Cool! That's Just about the beta den. You forgot the crystal table at Epic Wonders.

  4. BTW
    Will cuh haf a contwest? *makes puppydog eyes* Elephantie doesn't check up every day fer nothing!
    XD LOL!!


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