Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fisherman's cape

Hi  jammers! There is a new item in Bahari Bargains:
The fisherman cape. I don't really like it that much because I don't see why sea animals should want to dress up like a fisherman. Well, fishermen don't exactly wear capes made out of old rope, but this is a better clothing item because AJHQ didn't choose an actual modern day fishing costume, which consists of regular clothes. -.-

Also, my friend Furryfruit73 is having her costume b-day party in her den this week. here are the details:

Time: 7:30 PM (changed from 6:30 to 7:30 by Furry)
Day: Friday, august 3rd.
What you wear: A costume of your choice that you make. :)
Gifts?: No gifts required. ;)


  1. What time zone? I am just asking on behalf of everyone else. I cant make it :C-I'll be in the train.

  2. I just got my member monthly gift and its a golden phantom! :)


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