Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monkey update!

Today's update is full of surprises! Including the return of some of my favorite rare items. ;)
(click to enlarge)
Monkeys are finally back and swingin' in Jamaa! 
Including some new adorable pet monkeys! As you can see from the article, they're a monthly member gift.

There is also a brand new monkeys only party :). I will write a post on it later.

Summer is coming to a close, and the Summer Carnival is too. So AJHQ has made a new carnival shop where you can buy tickets! 

That giraffe certainly looks mythical 0-0. Very pegasus-like.

Ah, I'm so happy! I remember after I first joined Animal Jam, I really wanted a plant. In real life, I liked gardening so I thought a plant would be a nice touch to my den. :)

Before this post is done, I'd like to say that Long Shot is now double gems.


  1. Heya Doomy! You probably have noticed I got a membership! Yipee! Anyways I came to ask how you've been! The site looks terrific! Looks like you're getting a ton of views :D See ya whenever!

    1. I've been doing ok ^_^. I got another membership for me today too! :D


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