Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mushroom table

Today's daily item is...
The mushroom table! It's really cool, but what would make it twice as awesome would be for it to be non member. 
This item reminds me of when I had a giant mushroom growing in my yard. The mushroom was about one foot wide, but around 2 inches tall. 
Hm, stubby mushroom. 
Ok, back on topic. The mushroom table is pretty neat-o, and here's some Daily Explorer articles.
[Clicky to enlarge]
This article is basically a retelling of the page in the latest Jamaa Journal. But still, it's awesome we have less than 10 million gems to go! Go over the the conservation museum and donate! Doesn't matter how much or how little you give, you're helping monkey return to Jamaa! :D

[Click to enlarge]
I wonder if they are talking about the ice kinda breaking, or breaking to reveal a secret room. Probably possibility number one...
Speaking of jumping on the ice, while chilling out in Shiveer, (chilling? Get it? hehe bad pun) I've seen two types of jammers. Ones that jump on the ice, and those who think jumping on the ice is lame. 
I sometimes see the people who think breaking the ice is lame scoff at the 'ice breakers.' They'd sometimes say 
"stupid animals. hopping on ice is lame. lol." Seriously, I've heard someone say that before. I'd like to say, if jammers are jumping on ice but you think it's pointless, just don't say anything to them that may hurt them, or cause drama.


  1. Hi Doomy I have to admit we don't play AJ in the same time again and that's a bit sad :( so can you please one time play at about 8:30 AM at your time please...

  2. Hey Doomy! I know this is totally unrelated but Chicken Smoothie CRASHED!!!!! ;-; WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!


  3. Hi Doomy! When will you update Berry the Koala?

    1. When I get out of this terrible writer's block. :\
      I'm really sorry for not updating for a while... I've been busy, and when I'm not busy, I'm either lazy or have no ideas.


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