Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ruin Path

The party was really fun! :D

About 9 people showed up, which was more than I expected :). I didn't get many good pictures though...

Anyways, we have a cool new item today: the ruin path!
Pretty cool, huh? It can be bought in Jam Mart Furniture. :)

Most of you have heard that on the Daily Explorer, there is a new 'Play wild in Animal Jam' video. It is 3-D, and doesn't have koalas or pandas in it weirdly.
Watch it here:
I really like the old one better...
This is one scene from the video in which I can see the username faintly. The user is called Fizzycake and he/she can be searched.
I just thought you guys might be interested in that. :) I have made my first posts on AJ Stream Library, one from me, and one courtesy of luckylittlekoalacat. :)

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