Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bamboo fence

Hi Jammers! Sorry for the late post. Today's new item is a non member den item!

Well this is awesome. If you're sad that elephant shoji screens aren't in stores anymore, this would make a cool replacement. I wonder if there will be more bamboo themed items!

I wonder if 25 bunnies hopped on the drum, something really awesome would happen. But getting 25 on there is pretty hard, there's always that one bunny trying to get others off the drum. 

My friend has posted on her blog Animal Jam Dragonscale that she read on another blog that QUESTS will be added to Animal Jam!! Thats what the thumbtack and note pad thing was!! On another site I occasionally play, there are quests on it. But the quests are all about finding stuff. 
I hope the AJ quests will be a bit more fun.

Also, I was on my non member user and found this. 
That tarantula looks adorable... 

See you in Jamaa!


  1. I don't really like spiders or tarantulas, but that one is ADORABLE O.O
    ~Too lazy to sign into my account, Furryfruit73 o3o

  2. I enjoy to see this kind of blog.Thank you for your post.


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