Thursday, September 13, 2012

Exciting update!

Animal Jam has been updated, now with more exciting features!
No word of the shamans/alphas, but they'll come soon. :)
Click any of these pictures to enlarge them.
The trees of Jamaa have turned a vibrant red and orange. 
I love the fall. <3

Happy 2nd birthday, Animal Jam :D! 
Use BIRTHDAYBASH as a code for... cake!
It's also flipping GIANT. It doesn't blow up like that other cake though.. hehe..
It's also Non member. ;)
...By the way, I forgot to mention that MONKEYSRULE is a new code for 100 gems.
I may post a picture or two of the new AJ birthday party later. 
HEDGEHOGS!? I love 'em! :D I am definitely playing this game!

The winning den will probably be a mushroom den. There are so many drawings of that den in Jammer Central.

There is also a new, and expensive item. The gardening hat!

Thats all for now, see you in Jamaa! :)


  1. Hiya Doomy! Its pie! :3 Did you know that the Medical Center came back? On the outside it looks like the pillow room but the inside is the medical center! :D And also, if you click the 4th icing dot on the bottom layer of the cake it blows up into confetti! Ain't that epic? XD and btw, congrats on your 100th post yesterday, i wasn't able to comment!

    1. It's the medical center? That must be a creepy glitch because it's the pillow room now. 0.0

    2. oh wow, earlier this morning it was the medical center! Must be a glitch i guess... lol


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