Saturday, September 15, 2012

Firefly necklace

Hey jammers! New in Epic Wonders, the firefly necklace!

I don't think that this really belongs in Epic Wonders, maybe Jam Mart Clothing?
This item is pretty neat, I think I'll buy it. :D

Due to me having almost no time after school, I can only update Berry The Koala on weekends. 

The glitch in the previous post cleared up, woo! Now I can finally talk with my friends. ^^


  1. Sup Doomy! -Gives vacuum cleaner- This is your grand prize for that drawing you made XD (if anyone else is reading this comment, sorry if you are confused... its a long story XD) and ooh cool necklace!

  2. ElephantWolf the storywriterSeptember 15, 2012 at 9:42 PM

    AJ just isn't fun anymore.
    It's supposed to be a fun, cute little game without people older than 20. When I walk into Jamaa, its betting, dating, and clans. Not fun or cute. I am starting a petition to save AJ. I know it sounds silly, but really? When I walk into Sarepia.... rips off tail and legs... Omg. I hate clans.
    Elephantwolf the storywriter

  3. Finally a more Jamaaasian item(tell me if i spelled tht wrong Btw this is Feiryclaw who is just to lazy to log in (p.s. this is my fav epic wonders item :D!!!!)



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