Friday, September 14, 2012

Possibly the most annoying glitch in AJ

Well, I was in my den on a storage account with a friend. I asked him "Whats up?"
he did the :joy: emote, then he stopped moving or talking. I said "?" and I realized that what I said didn't appear in the chat log! I went to Crystal Reef, came back, the glitch was STILL there! I logged off, logged back on another account, and Jamaa Township was SILENT! 

     I'm serious, not even an "if you like me come to my den." I decided it was pointless, I logged off for easily half an hour, it was STILL there! 
I went into Jam Mart Furniture to type into the (?) button about my idea for a non member scarf, and tell them about the glitch, because it was happening on my mum's computer too...
Two of my friends came up to me. I really wanted to chat, but the glitch was... you know. I just did the :confused: emote as a form of "AAAHHH STINKING GLITCH!!!!!" (I could still do emotes) and logged off.

I really hope that this glitch clears up by tomorrow.


  1. Oh no worries, that happens to me all the time and it's just because the computers isn't functioning too well, but the next time you log in it's fine.

    You can also when you're leaving, use the bubble chat to say you have to go. Those usually show up. ^_^

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. Could you possibly buddy me sometime? (User: Jammie263)


    1. The glitch has thankfully cleared up now. But it wasn't just on my computer, it was on my mum's too.

      And I'd be happy to add you! :) I have a few spaces left, so why not? ^^

    2. YAY! Lol and I realized later, it was a glitch for everyone.

      I remember when I went to someone's den, everybody was using bubble chat and I thought they were playing around, so I also did bubble chat, but i never got a chance to try and see if I could type anything... o.o

      Oh and, could you maybe follow my blogs? :D

      Animal Jam Bouncies (

      Jammie263's Life (

      Thanks a ton! ^^



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