Saturday, September 8, 2012

Round glasses

Hiya jammers! Ah, thank Zios it's the weekend. 

Today's daily item is thankfully, non member. Also, very fashionable. 
Round glasses! I'll be buying myself every color, no matter the price! Hehe. :D

Lookin' cool, horse.

Yesterday, my brother made his own Animal Jam blog. See it here.


  1. I like the glasses, hehe. they remind me of the star glasses...

  2. Hi Doomer! Your banner is really cool! The misty effect is awesome! And aren't those round glasses nifty! I wouldn't wear them though, reminds me too much of my grandma....
    Well, anyway, I'm having author sign ups on my blog. If you or anyone else is interested please visit, I could always use an extra paw(s)! if your not interested, that's ok! At least ya know!
    Viszlát! (That's bye in Hungarian)
    P.S.- Sweet mouse too!

  3. Buy me a blue one. >:3 Don't care if it's dark or light.


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