Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tall cactus

Yesterday, school wasn't so bad, but it was really boring. One day down, 179 more to go. *head-desk*

Today's new item is sold in Treetop Gardens in Sarepia forest, for the price of 350 gems.
The tall cactus! *pokes it* Hey, that didn't really hurt! *pokes it again* Ouch!!

Just a minute or so ago, a strange glitch happened.
I clicked the Jamaa Journal and clicked the page that says Treetop Gardens, but it wasn't loading yet. I clicked it again, but there was no effect. I clicked it a third time... And it turned transparent!



  1. That glitch happens to me all the time, like 3 times a day. It means your computer is really slow..

  2. Woah

    Hi friend
    Hi frien
    Hi frie
    Hi fri
    Hi fi
    Hi f

  3. Ikr. Well, I like school, when my teacher doesn't assign tons of homework...
    Yay! Cacti are back woo hoo! I'm so gladI didn't trade for one, but I feel bad for those who have tons of them ;(.


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