Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Giant Phantom

Hey Jammers! 

Today's new item is a giant phantom plushie/balloon!
(I know it says Giant Phantom, but it's clearly a balloon/plushie.)
It's sold for 600 gems in Jam Mart Clothing, and sadly for members only.

There's a Plushie Mania article today...
I like the red one with a hat. :D

That's all for now Jammers! *Puts on a dumb mask* Have a happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scary Antlers

Hey Jammers! 
Today's new halloween-themed item is...

Scary Antlers! I think these are a cool item, what do you think?

There's a new short article on The Daily Explorer about which member's only animal will become non member.
(click to enlarge)
Even without arranging the puzzle, I can tell that it's... a turtle! :D

Hmm... there's not much else to talk about today, except that I typed up a draft of Berry The Koala yesterday.

See you in Jamaa!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rare Clover Blanket & Contest winner!

Hey Jammers! I've come back and I'm ready to post daily again. :)

Today's a monday in Jamaa, so there's a new clothing item sold for only one day only! This week, it's on the 10th page in Jam Mart Clothing.
I really like the colors: green, blue, and icy blue. This is for 750 gems, and it's for non members! 

And now, the winner of the contest...

Congratulations, pielover4ever! *pie rains down onto Pielover* Your answer was entered before the due date, and it was correct! The prize will be sent to you, since you're a member. 

Aside from that, there's a new post on the daily explorer about the new game: Splash 'n Dash.
It's a tough game to master, but it's really fun!

Last bit of news for the day, here is my new arctic wolf:
Eventually, I got the code to work. ^^

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Problems With The Gift Card

Hi, I know I said I wasn't going to post, but I found a lap top.

This weekend I went traveling, and the place that I went to just happened to have a walmart that sells Arctic Wolf gift cards.

Well, I tried to redeem the card. All was going smoothly until it said 'Choose your gift!!'

(Sorry about the sloppiness of the picture)

I already have a lion!! I think something must've gone wrong, maybe I should try again when I get back home. Was the code invalid or something?
I tried to click the 'King Of The Jungle' thing (to see if it was actually arctic wolf), and it went back to the home page and it said it was invalid. 

This is just great...

:EDIT: Whoops! Hehe... I didn't type the code correctly... Everything's peachy!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Clowns and Demons

Hey Jammers! No, this article isn't about clowns or demons, but the new clown masks and demon masks in Jamaa!

This mask is in Bahari Bargains, members only, and sold for 350 gems.

Yes!! Demon masks have finally arrived! It's an item I've always somewhat wanted. :D

There's a new's crew article on the Daily Explorer about Arctic Wolves. I'd enter, but I don't have much time anymore.

Just a quick heads up, I wont be able to post this weekend. 

Thats all for now, see you in Jamaa! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Exciting update!!

Hey Jammers, DoomyPanda here! Today's update is awesome, shamans/alphas have come back, sort of! :D
Take a look at the new Jamaa Journal.

 That puzzle looks like a turtle... Why could that be?
:EDIT: Whoops! Mistake, yep. I didn't read the page clearly..
Turtles will be available for NON MEMBERS now, AJHQ didn't make a mistake. :D

Yay! My favorite shaman is featured! On the daily explorer there are some new stories about her. :D

There are also some new spook-ish items for sale in various shops :)
 Jam Mart Clothing

 Bahari Bargains

 Sunken Treasures

Aaaaand, new loading screens! 

Neat, huh?

Thats all for now. See you in Jamaa! :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sorry.. Again...

I'm very, very sorry for not posting today. I woke up a little sick, and slept later.

Today's new items are in Bahari Bargains and Sunken Treasures. They are creepy coral, and some "neck bolts." The neck bolts are for a frankenstein's monster costume. I don't have pictures with me and Animal Jam isn't loading correctly on this computer.

There's a contest in the post below this one. :)

Not much else to say,


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Yes, I'm having another contest after all this time! This contest has nature questions, a 'find-it', and more! Oh, and the prize is....

 A  M Y S T E R Y  P R I Z E!

Answer the questions in the comment section of this post. Be sure to include your AJ username in there too. :)
I'd prefer if you didn't use the internet to get the answers, though for maybe a few of these questions you can find the answer in Jamaa.
Entries are due on the 26th of October. 
Good luck, let the contest begin!

1. When did octopi first become available? (Year, month, day.)

2: What was the 4th monthly gift for members?

3: Does this type of flower turn all white and puffy at some point? (True or false)

4: Pill bugs are...

a. Birds
b. Crustaceans 
c. insects 

4: Do geckos lick their eyes? (True or false)

5: Find where this picture was taken:

I hope you enter! :)


My Haunted Castle & New items

Hi Jammers :)

Sorry for the late post, something came up.
Today we have three new items, two are underwater. One in Sunken Treasures, one in Bahari Bargains, and the land one in the Haunted Forest Party.
 Bahari Bargains

 Sunken treasures

 Haunted Forest Party

Since my den is locked 98% of the time, I'll show you some pictures of my halloween themed castle. 
This is the biggest (main) room of it:

(Click to enlarge)

Here is one of the top parts of it:

And the part I worked hardest on, the basement:

A couple of the rooms of my den aren't included, that's because they're within progress.

See you in Jamaa! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rare Item Monday– Headdress

Hey Jammers! DoomyPanda here, with today's report on Jamaa.

New in the Shiveer Shoppe, Mt. Shiveer, we have today's splendid Rare Item Monday!
This is 650 gems, and members only. 
When I got to the Cocoa Hut to get this, there was a huge crowd that made my computer slow. This will probably be popular.

There's also a Daily Explorer post on this rare item, but it doesn't say anything you wouldn't know already.

In other news...
This week is the update, I think. 

Also, I'm sorry for not updating Berry The Koala in such a long time, school has made it so I don't have much time. 
I am NOT deleting it EVER! 
See that word,"not" it's in bold and CAPS LOCK, so that means I'll never ever delete it!!

Well... I guess that's it. For now.

See you in Jamaa! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Underwater Horns

Hi Jammers. Today's new item is...
Horns. These look awesome on octopi, in my opinion.


Someone notified me in the comments that one of my favorite websites, Pandanda, is going to be closing soon due to financial reasons. I understand that, because the game is in a way, unpopular. (especially compared to AJ)
There has been a drop in people buying memberships, and a drop in players. 
I remember back in 2011, when I first joined Pandanda, there were 8 servers. 
Now there are only 3.
I'm extremely sad because of this, though I still think that maybe someday it will come back. 
Yes, that's my character on Pandanda. What I'm saying is kind of cut off, sorry for that.

See you in Jamaa!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Heads

Hey Jammers! 
Today we have one new item (at least one that I know of.)
New in the Shiveer Shoppe...
A pumpkin head! It reminds me a bit of Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.
Maybe it's the weird looking mouth..?

Today's the 20th... Halloween is just right around the corner and I haven't got my costume together at all! Ah well... I have about 11 days to get what I need.

This has been a very, very short post because there's just not much going on in Jamaa today.

Thats all for now. See you in Jamaa! :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Phantom Mask

Hi, today's new item is the phantom mask in Epic Wonders. I decided to post today, but it will be very quick. I'm not quitting or losing interest in blogging, I just don't have much time weekday mornings. I also slept late today...


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make up a title, because I cant think of one.

Hey Jammers, I know I posted already today, but I have this urge to type right now. I want to talk about my first days of playing Animal Jam.
I know that lots of other people with AJ blogs talk about this, but I want to too.

I remember that I first made an account, a while after a friend of mine in real life had suggested the game to me. My original plan, was to quickly make an account, add her, then never log on again. Most online games I tried out weren't that fun, and I figured that Animal Jam would be no different.

So, I signed up, my first animal was my panda Countess Spookypanda, and I talked to Liza. Strangely, I cant remember the panda alpha/shaman talking to me about Mira. 
It was late February, 2012. It was very snowy in Jamaa, the friendship parties had just ended. I remember that I ended up in Coral Canyons, and I wandered around there a bit. Oddly, I didn't discover the bridge until after I became a member. 
I walked into Epic Wonders, where two wolves were discussing their clan. I remember one of the was named (Something) Alienclaws. Instead of being defensive over their territory like I see nowadays, they greeted me and explained their clan to me. I sat and listened, and added one of the wolves. 

Even though I wasn't a real fan of the Warriors series, I thought this clan thing on AJ was pretty cool. After I left, I quickly figured out on my own how to buy a wolf. I bought one, Wretched Spiritstar. I didn't go looking for a clan until much later, though. And in that clan I met one of my now good friends Candylady1436. Later, it just became sort of a hang-out clan, and I was never in one again afterwards.

Now, I'll talk about scamming and trading. I've never ever scammed, though I've seen some one on an AJ blog say that I did, but with no photographic evidence. 

I occasionally yelled out "Anything on list for non member bat wings!" with a bunch of mats on my trade list, then. I didn't care much for the rarity, I just wanted bat wings. I didn't know much about rare items, nor did I care much.

My dream item was Non member bat wings, but after I became member and got member wings, they stopped being a goal. They were just as cool as non member ones, I thought.

At a trading party, I remember saying "Please trade me I have rares!!" Then someone coming up to me and saying, "what rares?" I replied with "Rare worn, bat-wing glasses" They did the :laugh: emoticon and left. I don't come to trading parties anymore.

It was only much, much later when I saw the friend who introduced me to AJ, at a heatwave party and added her.


Scary Balloons

Hi Jammers! Two new items today, one member, one non member.

This one is in the Hot Cocoa hut.
This one is in Jam Mart Furniture.

Sorry about the short post, see you in Jamaa! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Very sorry.

I'm sorry that I didn't post today, I just felt demotivated to type. I was sleepy, and today was the first day of the Pumpkin Festival on

I also couldn't search for the item, post on two blogs (I did Emmanuel777's blog too), check out Pandanda, along with a bunch of staring at the wall, without being late for school. 

Believe me, time passes quickly and an hour every weekday morning is not a lot.

I might as well tell you the new items. A halo in Jam Mart Clothing, and Phantom Lights in Sunken Treasures. At least I think it's in Sunken Treasures...

See you in Jamaa!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My purple llama

Today on bunny hero labs, I adopted a purple llama.

adopt your own virtual pet!

I misspelled his name. X)


Hey Jammers! Today there's one new spooky Day/Night of The Phantoms den item, a Daily Explorer article (as usual,) and one other bit of info about Jamaa.

These ghosties are sold for 250 gems, Jam Mart Furniture, and like last year, member only. 
Yep, thats the basement of my now haunted castle. :D

Here is today's brand new article from the official Animal Jam blog!
I think Doctor Magicstone used a different site or software to draw that. I used the one at the Art Studio, maybe next time I should use Tux Paint or something. (Tux Paint is a kind of drawing thing.)

And now, for the last subject of this post: Arctic Wolves
I'll bet most of you have already heard of this. Most of you rely on other blogs that update faster, and read my blog just for kicks. Most of those blogs have talked about this animal, and many have come to the conclusion that this person bought a gift card at a store somewhere.
Thats probably true, but why did AJHQ not tell us about these new wolves?
Why did they let it remain a rumor?
Maybe because they're very busy and don't have much time to explain yet.
Yes, thats probably right.

Notice: I may start doing something called "Game Reviews" where I, and maybe a friend review a game that just came out, or came out with a new feature. 

Thats all for now, see you in Jamaa! :)

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