Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Creature mask, pumpkins, and a haunted house!

Hey Jammers! Today we have a bunch of new stuff in stores, and pet stores.

The pet tarantulas have been sent, I named mine Windowtree.

This is what they do if you bring them into water: 

...And if you click them, they build a web and jump on it like a trampoline! :D

Today, all the News Crew entries are due. To send in your article, go to Jammer Central in Jamaa Township, click submit, copy and paste your article into the text-box, and add your picture.

Here are the results from the most recent poll:

Autumn certainly is popular. 

And now, for the new items!

I should really start working on my halloween costume.

Jam on!


  1. My costume is gonna be a FAIRY!!!! :) (:

  2. Wait no I'm gonna be KATNISS from The Hunger Games

  3. wait IDK what im gonna be LOL

  4. Im Gonna Be A witch In Real And Animal Jam Cause I Got A witch Hat!


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