Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jamaa Halloween Candy Guide 2012

Hey, Mythical Shiverstar AKA DoomyPanda here! With the Day Of The Phantoms update one, two, three... three days ago, there came some exciting new spoooky features. One of those features was candy bowls being spread across Jamaa!

We'll start here, in upper Jamaa Township. This candy is located right outside Jam Mart Clothing, it's a chocolate bar!

If you go down to Club Geoz, you'll find a paw-full of sugary candy corn, right around a phantom vortex.

 Let's cross the bridge to Appondale, shall we?

These yummy orange colored candies are located at the door of the Conservation Museum. In this picture my bat Metalwings is trying to help carry the treat, but how on earth will he fly with that???

Here in Mt. Shiveer– brr! I should have brought a coat or something– The candy is fruit flavored (I guess) and outside of the Hot Cocoa hut. 
*shivers* I should head through the cave to Crystal Sands before I freeze my tail off!

This stuff which I assume is popcorn is right outside the Pet Wash, so you can munch away and wash your pet at the same time! Well... Maybe that isn't the best idea, but you get the point.

Over in The Lost Temple of Zios, you can get this tasty peppermint right next to the boarded up door. 
Hehe, I remember a long way back, I thought this door would make a cool monkey reserve (monkeys had just gone endangered and the Conservation Museum hadn't appeared yet.) My friend talked about my idea on her old posterous blog and emailed AJHQ. See it here

Here in the magnificent Coral Canyons, you can pick up a red/orange lolly next to Peck's Art Studio.

And now, my personal favorite: The green candy apple, picked from the lush trees of Sarepia Forest. :)

Well, thats all the candy me and Metalwings could find. Happy Trick-or-treating and have a great halloween!

Metalwings: "You do know that Halloween isn't until the 31st."

Mythical Shiverstar: "Isn't it year round starting today..?"

Metalwings: "No, it's one day a year."

Mythical Shiverstar: "Hmmph! Well thats unfair!"

Metalwings: *Sighs*

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  1. :O I had never seen that green apple one before- I think it's my fave now, too!


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