Saturday, October 27, 2012

Problems With The Gift Card

Hi, I know I said I wasn't going to post, but I found a lap top.

This weekend I went traveling, and the place that I went to just happened to have a walmart that sells Arctic Wolf gift cards.

Well, I tried to redeem the card. All was going smoothly until it said 'Choose your gift!!'

(Sorry about the sloppiness of the picture)

I already have a lion!! I think something must've gone wrong, maybe I should try again when I get back home. Was the code invalid or something?
I tried to click the 'King Of The Jungle' thing (to see if it was actually arctic wolf), and it went back to the home page and it said it was invalid. 

This is just great...

:EDIT: Whoops! Hehe... I didn't type the code correctly... Everything's peachy!



  1. Sometimes it lets you get the arctic wolf it must of been invalid or something. That's so annoying, someone must of hacked that code! :O

  2. Hi, does anyone HAVE an arctic wolf code????

  3. I really want an arctic wolf code, I may get one 4 Christmas! My mom may get me one, or Santa will, otherwise, Idk. I already popped it onto my list, so if my mom does get me one, I will have 6 months! Alright!

    1. i got one and i used it it expired not :( i wish they lasted forever my friend said they had a code that gives u membership forever i tried it and it did not work she was lying she did it and it worked she plays on the television and i play computer maybe that has something to do with it i wonder and she gave me a bunch of other codes for items and they all didn't work maybe only works on the television animal jam....

  4. i want a artic wolf card because i never was a member and i was and ive been playing animal jam for two years

  5. i love 1D but i also love arctic wolves so i'd chose the 6 month subcription

  6. i have 2 diamond animals they are a cheetah and a lion. i want a arctic wolf. a kangaroo and a eagle.anyway iam gonna be a member for 12 months so ill get 60 diamonds. int it cool!


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