Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sorry for this late post!

Sorry if I'm a little late with this post, something came up. Today's new item is one I didn't even know went on clearance.

I remember... After the Lost Ruins den came out, this was the first underwater item I bought. I bought many more, and ended up with only 2 gems afterwards! xD
After my shopping craze, I had an underwater tea party with a friend. (On AJ)
Memories, memories...

Today I'm brainstorming my idea about a story about... a pigeon. 
It has nothing at all to do with AJ. I may type it up, and I may or may not show it to you. I sometimes get embarrassed about showing my writing.

Well... Thats all for today. Sorry these posts are getting short, but I promise a big one on the thursday update this week. 
Jam on!

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