Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dragonfly Wings

Hey Jammers, 'sup?
Today, there's one new *cough*really expensive*cough* clothing item in Epic Wonders.

While costing a load of gems, these are certainly awesome! 
...You may want to make sure you wont end up with 2 gems after buying these. What I do is after I buy something, I go earn half as much as it costed by playing a game like Temple of Trivia.

There is one new Daily Explorer article, AJHQ is getting back in the daily swing of things. It's about nothing that you wouldn't know already, it talks about how turtles are now available for all Jammers. :)

Before I wrap up this little post, I want to tell you that I may update Berry The Koala soon. 

That's all for now... or is it?

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