Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Eep! Sorry I'm late....

Hi Jammers! Sorry I'm late, something came up.

This is sold, (as you may tell by the price) in Epic Wonders, Coral Canyons. 

There are MANY clearance items available for a short time only. About... less than a day.
I cant take pictures of all the items, my poor mess of a desktop wouldn't take it. Instead, I'll list all the places where there are items on clearance.

  • Jam Mart Clothing
  • Jam Mart Furniture 
  • Epic Wonders
  • Shiveer Shoppe (Hot Cocoa Hut, Mt. Shiveer)
  • All the items in the Haunted Forest Party
  • Sunken Treasures
  • Bahari Bargains
You better get all the Halloween items you want soon, because tomorrow,


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