Friday, November 30, 2012

I got a snow leopard :)

 Hey Jammers! I finally found a Target somewhere. I checked, and found a bunch of snow leopard gift cards!

Here's some useful info to remember: the AJ gift cards are never at the front of the stores in the check-out. They're always in the electronics section. 

This is me!
I'm going to leave my snow leopard undecorated except for maybe a necklace or something. I like them the way they are. ^^

If I knew how to, I would take a video of all the actions snow leopards do. 
Except... you've probably seen that already. 

(This picture is not mine)

According to the poll, the majority wants me to re-decorate the blog for winter.
Bored of fall already, hm?

You should expect to see the changes to this blog soon, so for the people who love the fall layout enough, take lots of screenshots! 
The same fall layout will be on the blog next autumn. :)



  1. No fair! I want a snow leopard! >.^
    By the way, my blogger username is Liquid Sunshine from now on. =D

  2. I'm getting a snow leopard soon and I'm super excited!!!

  3. I really want one! I am a major Warriors fan, and tigers just don't really do the job.


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