Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Buddy Of The Month!

I almost forgot about this month's buddy of the month! Hopefully I'm not too late... ^^; 

This month I'd like to focus on a certain Jammer who is infinitely nice to me, likes the color blue, and really likes whales.
One of my friends introduced me to him a long while back, he's been a very good friend ever since. When I was sad about not being able to draw as good as I wanted to, he gave me suggestions and made me feel better.
He's always there to chat, and is very very nice. :)

(I apologize to my other buddies who weren't featured yet, I have about 94 friends, and I cant get them all at once. 
If you weren't buddy of the month yet, there's always next month.)


  1. Hi Doomy! I was just wondering if you were coming to my party! I have one at 6;30 and the other at 7:00!

    1. when is it? :D i hope im not too late

    2. !!!! :D this is my first comment! *Very Excited* It is me Rollen and this is so awesome i wil coment more often now

  2. First voter on le poll!


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