Monday, November 26, 2012

Snow Leopards!

Hey Jammers! Just a few minutes ago, I was in Jamaa on my other account, and saw two snow leopards frolicking around!

Wow, I'm acting like I just saw an actual snow leopard in the wild. I'm a real dork...

Someone asked where the pink snow leopard got hers. Her answer?


Target is a big chain of american retail store that sells a lot of useless/useful junk. 

I'm not certain if she was telling the truth, but at least this is sort of a clue!
Hey, if you want more proof, here's another photo:

I remember seeing a mother snow leopard and her cubs in real life. Furry, very furry and vicious... 

That's all for the moment, Jammers. See you in Jamaa! :)


  1. where did you see them in real life???? I love love love snow leopards! (2nd only to tiggers!!)

    1. I saw them in a reserve. I wasn't lucky enough to see one in the wild, sadly.

      I hope snow leopards will be removed from the list of endangered animals soon.

  2. hey i wanted to know what is the username of the snow leopard that is gray and purple?

    1. I'm sorry, I didn't look at the username of the leopard.
      I think they'll become popular soon, you should see a lot around Animal Jam. ^^

  3. The snow leopards are returning!


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