Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two Hats and a Sled

Hi jammers, sorry for not posting yesterday. I wasn't really in the mood and partially forgot. Sorry. 

The new item of yesterday was/is sold in Jam Mart Furniture.

A dog sled. :) Very cute.

There are two new hats today, and one is for non members and new!

It's sold in Epic Wonders for some reason, and is ridiculously expensive, but cute. It's been a long while since anything new and for non members has been sold, and I and many others think this is a cool hat. I walked into Jamaa and found that about 92 % of the jammers there were wearing raccoon hats.

The next hat used to be a Monday rare, I believe.

What is the point of Rare Item Monday if it's items come out later?

That's all for now, Jammers. Happy exploring! :)

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