Friday, February 15, 2013

Cherry Tree + Snow Leopard Sale

Hello jammers! Today there is one new item, sold in Jam Mart Furniture. It's not really considered "furniture" though.

My friend gave me one of these when I first became a member. I still have it. :)

This may be a little late, but there is a temporary price-cut on Snow Leopard gift cards! 

Bad thing is… It ends tomorrow. If you REALLY want one cheaply, you should probably go get one sometime soon. 

  Another thing, a few of you have commented asking where all of the birds of paradise are. I'm honestly sorry, I cant answer this question for two reasons. First one, I haven't really found all of the birds yet… Yeah, I don't have much time ^^; Secondly, I've decided to not show you where all of the Journey Book things are. The reason for that is because I think it's more fun to find them all on your own. 
  If you want to find out where they are, I suggest you try another blog for that. There are lots of Animal Jam blogs out there, on the interwebs.
That's all for today, Jammers. See you in Jamaa, and happy exploring!

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