Friday, February 1, 2013

February Update

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had two chorus performances.  Anyway, the Hatapalooza was short-lived, and there was a pink and cutesy update just yesterday! There are loads of new stuff, including the friendship parties. :)

So far there hasn't been a party for me. I hope there is one soon. ^^.

A new contest! Cool.

There is also a new and easy way to get a plaque. Take the online safety quiz!

Jamaa Township is also decorated with hearts. Strangely, I've looked around and the only place I've seen decorated is there. 

There is also a LOAD of new Jam-a-Gram Friendship Day cards, including this one sent to me by a friend. Thanks, [friend who shall remain unnamed]! :D

Have you heard? A new animal is coming!

This is a 99% complete puzzle that I did in the Jamaa Journal. It's a raccoon!

There are also a few of new items:

Hmm… That amethyst birthstone doesn't look much like real amethyst. I have a lump of real amethyst next to me, and it looks more lavender colored than the magenta above. Maybe they couldn't use the real color because of technical difficulties…?

There are some new cutesy printable AJ valentines cards

If you look closely, you'll see that there is a new code BEMYBUDDY on each valentine.
That brings us to my new poll…

I have recently had an idea for a new page. I'm not telling you what it is yet though! I want to know how you feel towards this new idea. 

Oh, and since it's now February, the monthly gift is here! Guess what it is.

Pet tigers! This is my tiger, Rivertree. Lately, they've been substituting pets instead of items for some reason. I wonder if instead of the monthly member gift, AJHQ will start calling it "Monthly Pet."

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!


  1. I know the reason for the monthly pet so not as many scams you can't trade pets!


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