Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Friendship Items + Daily Explorer Article

Hi jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was and still am a little sick. I'll try to continue posting regularly, but sometimes I cant. Just remember I'll never quit blogging without warning. :)

The item sold yesterday was a large and shimmery barrel of treasure.

Is that a whale with a crown?

The items sold today however, are land items. Sold in the rarely occurring Friendship Party.

Even though pink is not my favorite color, I like both of these items.

There is also a new Daily Explorer article that's different from the regular News Crew things and Epic Dens. 
View it below this sentence, and maybe even click it!

The reason they put up this post is probably because there are rarely any official Friendship Parties (which is most likely unintentional) so jammers can make their own.

Also, AJHQ changed up the main page! 

Why Times New Roman? The other font was just fine.
.:EDIT:. Oh wait, they changed it back. There's another player log in thing though.

That's all for now. Have a happy Friendship Festival!


  1. Doomy, I just noticed - Why did you deleted the "Glitches" page?

    1. I did!? Wow that's weird. It must be some sort of a bug…

      I'll try to bring it back. Sorry. ^^;

  2. No, it is fine. But I don't know is it only my computer, or it was a real bug.


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