Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heart Eyepatch

 Hello, players of Animal Jam! The new item being sold today is under the sea in Bahari Bargains! :)

I really like this item! It comes in lots of colors and in my opinion, it's pretty cool. Not much else to say about that… ^^;

I was just prancing around in Animal Jam yesterday doing the usual. You know, trading, looking for things to do. I accidentally clicked a koalas name tag, and I noticed it looked… slightly different.
Here is the different koala picture versus what I remember them looking like:

< Slightly different

             Original koala >

This koala I clicked looked the same as it usually did, but it's player card didn't. The new lines are a bit less pixelated and more three dimensional, but not entirely. I've noticed sort of the same thing with bunny player cards too . 
   Plus the new animals! If you solved the puzzle 100% in the Jamaa Journal and saw the raccoon, you'll probably notice it's… made a different way than original animals available in beta testing. This is the case with arctic wolves, snow leopards, and foxes. 
Despite all of these player card changes, I doubt that they'll make the actual gaming experience 3D. I think they have gotten quite a few complaints about the 3D-turning of clothing items. Most likely, AJHQ is probably just having slight changes take place to have things a bit less pixelated.

Now what do you think? Comment below! :)

Happy Friendship Festival!


  1. I noticed it like 4 or 3 weeks ago. Half of the animals went 3D. Here are some animals that are currently 3D: bunnies, kaolas, horses, elephants, crocodiles, giraffes, foxes, arctic wolves, snow leopards. Hope this helps!

  2. When I looked at the 3d one I noticed it's chest shade is less pixel and more smooth, and the feet are more smoother too. It also reminded me of Berry. I like it! :)


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