Saturday, February 2, 2013

Save The Giant Pandas!

Hello yet again. There is a serious issue that I feel very strongly about. I have a large argument against the killing and disrespect of giant pandas and destruction of bamboo forests that I feel a need to tell you about.
Although this isn't necessarily about Animal Jam, it is about the lives and safety of a beautiful animal.

I really hate it how people think giant pandas are so destructive, when HUMANS ARE EVEN MORE SO! They destroy oceans, forests, EVEN AIR, killing countless animals (and people) each day, driving species to extinction, turning earth grey with pollution, when all the giant pandas do is eat some bamboo and roll around.

And yes, while pandas can attack you, they do it only if provoked. Humans sometimes attack without any provoking. They just go up to say, a dog and kick it sometimes, just to let out their small insignificant rage.

While people argue about "how giant pandas are destroying bamboo forests" they should seriously keep in mind that humans do even more serious damage to the forests than pandas ever will.
"Oh! But pandas eat LOADS every day!" Yeah? Well they NEED TO DO SO TO SURVIVE! Humans eat tons even if they aren't hungry.

"WELL PANDAS ARE EATING ALL THE BAMBOO SO WE CANT GET ANY FOR OURSELVES!" Oh please. Humans have COUNTLESS food sources, and pandas have only, what, two? Most humans only eat bamboo just to say, add some flavor to something. There are few who literally LIVE off of it. People should keep in mind that if all the bamboo goes away, the average panda couldn't simply just give up their own nature and eat what? Carrion? Plastic? That's not how the world works– that's not how NATURE works.

It's basically like dumping someone on Mars and saying that the only food source is the dust or ice that may or may not kill them.

Above all, the most selfish thing I've heard about pandas is "What can a stupid panda do for us amazing humans?" First of all, pandas aren't stupid. Humans only know what humans are told by other humans. And some other humans observed pandas and using assumptions that were told to THEM by other humans to "determine" that they were stupid. It's, in a way, animal racism. What I mean by that is for example, say a person walked into another country. The person noticed that none of the other people there were speaking their own language, and outright guessed that they were stupid. Then they went back to their own country and told everyone that the other country was stupid.
It's also sad, really, how some people say that they are against racism and how some people should "watch what they say to others" when they just call animals stupid. Is this making any sense to you…?
Animals could know things that humans never dreamed of. And yet, some humans refuse to respect them or believe that.


I truly love pandas. Please, if you ever get the chance to donate towards their conservation, please do. The main goal of conserving pandas is to release them back into the wild where they are happy. Spread the word.


  1. That is a very smart thinking, Doomy Panda. I completely agree with you. I think you should tell about this to the government. This is real truth. I will try to spread the word. This would be much easier if your blog was more popular. You deserve much more thank only 16 & a half thousand views.

    1. I love pandas I can't beleave how some people are treating them :*(


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