Sunday, March 31, 2013

Info Post #3: Suffocating the World

    I know that blog posts, magazine articles, and books about protecting the environment are often ignored by the public for the sake of preserving their happiness. What humans are doing to this planet is shocking, and sometimes people just want to push the truth about pollution away. They block out all of the bad stuff, but while doing that ignore the solution as well. The solution? Yes, there is a solution! It's possible to save this planet, and I hope that you read this entire post and understand that. 
   And even though I try to keep this blog happy, I really think you should know this. This info post is about how the constant usage and discarding of plastic bags is hurting the Earth, and some things we can do to stop Earth from turning into a grey planet

I recycle every single plastic bag I use. Will you try, too?

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