Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Update!

Hello jammers! Sorry if this post is a little late, my internet connection is weak and failing. Of all days for that to happen, it had to happen on the Animal Jam update!

First, here are the new items:

Why did they bring out the February birthstone so early? Maybe an accident? Maybe for people who missed them to collect?

I'm not going to post whole pictures of Jamaa Journal pages, just segments that I found interesting.

   This is at the cover page. I wonder if they're talking about Jamaa, or the actual planet Earth. If they are talking about the real Earth, the world isn't as green as it used to be and people should help more to stop Earth from turning into a grey planet. 

Some more ideas from me are: grow a plant (it's fun!), if you want to exercise more and help prevent air pollution, stop riding in a car for as long as you can, or don't drink bottled water. Only 23% of all recycled plastic water bottles get recycled, and tap water in most places is much cleaner.

Cool! New toy sets! But they could have come up with a better name... Oh wait, they couldn't. I couldn't even. Maybe these toys were released for International Women's Day...?

Thats all for now, see you in Jamaa!


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