Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Possible Clover Wallpaper?

  Hi jammers! Today, the new item is sold in the lucky party. I don't have a picture because Lucky Parties are so spaced out, but I'm guessing it is either a rereleased item from last march, OR a "clover wallpaper" like the one inside the den of the Lucky Party. There is a large chance that they'll bring it out this year.

My friend (who will remain anonymous) was kind enough to send me an Epic Seasonal Tree. 

Right now, the tree is waking up from winter and little pink flower buds are almost blooming. I wish it was like that where I live…

Since the recent update, there are some items on clearance!

Better get them soon! 

   There are lots of new items scattered around Jamaa as well. The most notable ones are the Eagle Hat and the Raccoon Topiary; both for all jammers!
   The Eagle Hat is sold in Jam Mart Clothing, and the Raccoon Topiary is sold in where else, but the Conservation Museum. 

Even though I love all of the animals, this topiary is my absolute favorite! It's just so adorable. 

The coming of the raccoon also brought Raccoon Banners to stores. They're sadly only for members, but at least there's a non member topiary!

If you're bored today on AJ, there are a bunch of new animal videos to watch in the new theater.

See you in Jamaa on the server Draa!


  1. Hi doomy I have 2 questions,1.How do you get the blog cursor like this? 2.Is it ok if i make a plushie blog too? kinda like yours only about me as a different animal and stuff

    1. I went to cursors-4u.com for the cursor.
      It's fine if you make a plushie blog! I didn't start the plushie blog thing, so I really have no ownership of the idea. Thanks for commenting though!


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