Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Contest!

 Contest time! 

  • There will be a bunch of "Find-its" in this contest. A find-it is a picture of a place or detail in one of the public lands (not parties or dens) of Jamaa. Your job is to, as the name says, find it!
  • In this contest, there will also be a question at the end. I cant really forbid you from doing research to find the answer because A, you'll do it anyway, and B, that wouldn't be very fair.
  • When you feel you have the answers to the questions, you can comment on this post with all of the answers. Don't forget to include your Animal Jam username! 
  • How will I pick the winner? Say that three people enter. One gets 7/10 of the questions right, another gets 8/10, another gets 10/10. The person who got 10/10 will get the cream glove, the person who got 8/10 will get the rare mech angel wings. If the winners are members, I will send them the prizes. 
  • If you win and are non member, I will buddy you and the next time you come online I'll trade you your prize. 
  • I will not publish your comments on this post until March 28th

Since all of the rules are now listed… let the contest start! Have fun. :)

Find-it #1: 

Find-it #2:

Find-it #3:

Find-it #4:

Find-it #5:

Find-it #6:

Question: Name one specific person who helps/helped work on developing Animal Jam. 

Thanks for participating! Remember that the contest goes from March 22nd to March 28th. ^_^

1 comment:

  1. Find it number one is in the Flagshop! Number two is in the Deep Blue, they are the coins coming out of the barrel! Number three is in the cocoa hut, near the top. Number for is in Epic Wonders! Number five is in Jamaa Township, near the board! Number six is in the hot cocoa hut! And the last one, the question. I can answer that! Twice! But, I hope you just want Animal Jam Jammers that worked for AJHQ. Sizzlerat, and Fizzycake! They were both deleted out of the game, though... Sizzlerat had Tail Armor before it even came out! (I think that was sizzlerat...) Hope I got everything right!



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