Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Claw Game Hates Me

 Hey jammers! Today there is one new item, sold in Jam Mart Furniture.

Hmm. This would be a neat item for those who like to make little salons in their dens. Those are fun. :)

   As the title says, the claw machine in the Trading Party must hate me. I literally tried 50 times on that claw today and didn't get anything. Not even a pair of scary horns. Maybe it's a glitch, or maybe the claw machine just doesn't want to give me anything today?

   Speaking of glitches, a few days ago I was on my other account and someone sent a trade request. I was at the Lucky Party, typing something into the purple (?) button. The trade request was three red colored items (I am a NM on there) for my snow angel from the Jamaalidays. I accepted, but when it told me the trade was complete, it told me I got a horse banner, not the colored items! I went to my den and, sure enough there was the horse banner sitting in my inventory, and my snow angel wasn't there! Luckily, I didn't prize that snow angel too much so it wasn't a big loss. 
   What do you think it was?

That's all for now. Happy exploring!


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