Sunday, March 31, 2013

The New Land

Hello jammers! 

   Today this post will not be about the new item, because, as yesterday, Animal Jam is not loading at all on my computer. Instead I will tell you about where I think the new land will be and why.

   So, as the Jamaa Journal said, koalas are leaving Jamaa on a search for a new land. This is both exciting and a bit sad, but from what my friends have told me, mostly exciting. We haven't had a new land (on land) for a pretty long time, and koalas will be back once it's discovered. 

The question is, where will the new land be?

   Few outside of AJHQ can really be sure, but my guess is that it will be the mountainous region above Appondale with the brook running through it. Why? The animal leaving is a koala. Most people in Animal Jam often associate the koala with places like Appondale. And think, if AJ was in real life, wouldn't Cosmo take the shortest and easiest root from his home to find this new land? 
   There is also another possible choice for a new land: the forest below Appondale. But the likelihood of the above region being chosen is a bit higher, seeing as there is currently an unusable path connecting Appondale to it.

   Yes, I know that if I'm wrong at least one person will laugh at me, but it's worth some thought. :)

 See you in Jamaa!



  1. What about that spot underneath Jamaa Township? That could lead to the forest-y place!

  2. It probably is there as the paradise party has a stream and only zios has a stream and it just didnt match. I suspected a new land for ages. Plus there is not an enterance to the one below apondale. It just has to be a rain forest as the raccon wallpaper from ajhq twitter had the same forest as paradise. Also no one has posted theyre was a paradise party last year so that means it is new. AJHQ has been slow and quiet for ages me and my sis just new this stuff would happen. Im super happy as people didnt beleive me when i told them and i said youll see and now im almost certainly right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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