Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Sidekix Are Here!

   Hey jammers! I hope you're having a nice weekend. I don't know the new item of today because my computer is being lame, but I do have some exciting news. :)

The Animal Jam "Sidekix" plush are here!

Cute, aren't they? You can click over to the online Animal Jam shop to buy them. :)

And even more exciting is the future release of the first ever Animal Jam App!

(Info of the app credit to Snowyclaw and other sources all of which are not me.)

This sounds really fun! Somehow this description reminds me of my beloved app, Pocket Frogs. I hope this comes out soon. ^_^

   Speaking of soon-to-be-released features, I've heard that possibly sometime this year, you will be able to play AJ in Portuguese and other languages. :)

   I have one last thing to tell you. It's about the contest. Just like last time I had a contest, only one person entered. That person was cookers113578 and, actually, they did a great job. They got everything correctly except for the last question, which I mistakenly hadn't given you many details about. I meant the actual name of a person who worked for Animal Jam, not a username. Sorry about that… ^^;
  Once Animal Jam starts working on my computer, I will send/trade the cream glove to cookers113578.

In the meantime, let's give a shout-out to cookers113578! :)

See you in Jamaa! ^_^

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  1. Oh, I won! I didn't expect that to happen... I do have some real names,though, from AJHQ, which were included from emails that were sent to me from AJHQ. Thanks! :)


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