Saturday, March 23, 2013

When Will the Shamans Return?

Hi jammers! Today there is one new item, which is a bit similar to the croquet set of the day before yesterday.

Hmm… This probably looks similar to the croquet set because there will be a sports-related theme with the den items. 
Cheer for me! For I am Captain Obvious!

Now, enough with that and onto the main purpose of this post. When will the shamans "return"?
   I know they're now called the Alphas, but I still like calling them "shamans" because… Well, I don't know. I guess I remember myself when I was new asking "Who are the shamans?" and getting the fully told story of them from my friend who is long gone now. From the game, that is. Either way, it's my blog and I can call them what I want. 
   Anyway, most of us remember last summer in Animal Jam; when the mysterious message appeared at the back of the Jamaa Journal. Jammers danced around with happiness when they saw the silhouettes of the shamans and the tell-tale message "We will soon be returning from our journeys." We thought it would be just like the rumors; of people seeing shamans and maybe even talking to them. But sadly, so far it hasn't.
   The only signs of their "arrival" have been contests, and advertisements pasted across the web. While some people think that AJHQ is just gathering enough money, this has been going on for months. I'm starting to worry that this is as far as we'll get, that nothing more will happen other than contests and advertisements. And even though this sounds ridiculously corny, I'm starting to worry that Mira– and old Jamaa –will be just forgotten. I mean, in the new-ish Alpha video that you can watch in Jammer Central, they don't really mention Mira at all. Why would AJ do that? Is it a mistake? Or did people just not want Mira in Animal Jam anymore?
   I don't know. This has been going on for months, we were all awaiting a secret shaman appearance or some sort of cool thing to happen. So far, nothing. Nothing but the switched looks of Liza who now looks like plastic, or advertisements, or contests that barely count. I know I may look impatient, but it was last summer when the shamans were declared returning. Now, it's almost next summer. 

So… When will the shamans return?


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