Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Buddy Of The Month– April

Hello again jammers! At the beginning of the month I completely forgot to post the new Buddy of the Month on AJ Stream. Sorry about that...

Well, here is the featured buddy for April! Congratulations to...


   When we first met, I was in Jamaa Township and she sent me a Jam-a-Gram asking me to come over to her den for an interview. She liked my blog, and that was the first time someone expressed that much interest in it to me. I excitedly sent her a buddy request, and since then we have been good friends. :)
  She gives me constant support with my blogs, and reminds me to post when I feel lazy and forget. ^_^

Congratulations, Luckylittlekoalacat! :)


  1. Can I be your buddy? I am Orchidcat107. Im lonely on tbe game so thats why im asking


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