Monday, April 29, 2013

Glitch + Rare Fox Hat!

Hello players of Animal Jam! It is Rare Item Monday once again, and this time AJHQ had decided to answer our cries and brought out an item that before today was considered very rare.

I present to you... 

The rare fox hat!
AJHQ didn't color the item, nor did they add any bright things to it, they brought back the exact same Fox Hat that was from the last time it came out, back in 2012. Good times... 

In other news, yesterday while trading in Jamaa Township, I opened someone's trade list and discovered... a glitch? 

   A rare winter blanket, a baobab, and one of those cruise ship things. Not very suspicious. But take a closer look at the winter blanket, and you'll see that the shape of it is the same as back before the 3D switch!

  Speaking of the 3D switch, I'm sure all of you have noticed what AJ did to our animal pictures: they turned them more three dimensional. I'm okay with this, but I'm a little fearful that they'll turn the actual gaming experience 3D as well. I know others who feel the same, but know the probability of that is low, seeing the amount of disdain exhibited for only the item change. 
The graphics we have now are perfect, AJHQ! No need for this change!

Also, I'm going to switch around fonts again, back to the one I started with last June. If you have any comments or objections, post a comment! :)

That's all for now. Have a great monday!


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  1. Its so cool how they brought back fox hats! Im buying like 14!


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