Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Won The News Crew Assignment!

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting early enough today, I was (and am currently) very busy. This post isn't complete, and will be done on a later date, most likely tomorrow. Lots of school things for one day, I apologize.

   I couldn't believe it when I saw this on the Daily Explorer. Over my break I wrote up this entry on a whim, but never thought it would win. I've had a very bad day today, but upon seeing that my article was chosen, my mood has gotten so much better! I do admit part of this article is a little corny, though.

Read my article by clicking on the screenshot above, or going to the Daily Explorer. ^_^

See you in Jamaa! :)


  1. =O AWESOME SAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I got on this morning, and did my usual daily Daily Explorer check, and saw this and was like... Is that DoomyPanda? So I got online, searched you, double checked, and started celebrating, saying "Doomy won the News Crew! Doomy! Yay! I do Not usually read the articles, so I just read this and thought it was amazing. Thanks, Doomy, I think I'm going to read every single one now.

    P.S. Doomy you're an amazing awesome miraculously wonderful Jammer. Not only that two other Jammers inspired me to make a Blog, and not give up. I better give them credit snowyclaw and wackywolf81. Thanks, you guys are the best.

  3. I thought I recognised the panda. Well done!

  4. Congrats DoomyPanda! I am so proud of you ^-^

  5. Wow, way 2 go! That's so great, congratulations!

  6. Congrats, that is so amazing!! You did a great job on the article! Have fun being a new member of the News Crew~ Congrats again! :3



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