Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mysterious Message + Digital Sidekix Plush

Hello jammers! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, I hope you saw the little message I put up on the left side of AJ Stream. From now on, I will do that whenever I'm unable to post.

Anyway, I have some exciting new things to show you! To start it off, AJHQ has been sending lots of signs that something big will happen with AJ. Most likely involving the phantoms. They have been talking about the spirit armor a whole lot more than any other Monthly Gift, and sending out messages too. They look something like this:

(Picture and info credit to Animal Jam Spirit and various sources all of which are not me.)

What could this be? Is it random, or to prepare for a phantom war? Or even a hint of a shaman sighting? What do you think? Comment below. :)
Second, there is some interesting news regarding the new Sidekix Plushies! 

(This photo is also credit to Animal Jam Spirit and other sources that are not me.)

It appears that if you buy an AJ sidekix, you can get a code to put a digital one in your den! Neat, right?

Thats all for now, jammers. See you in jamaa!

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