Friday, April 19, 2013

Tuxedo + Rainbow Painting

Hey jammers! The new item of the day is sold in Epic Wonders.

This ultramodern item is sold for the staggering price of 1,750 gems. Luckily, all of the games in Jamaa are giving out double gems! 

In news about AJ Stream, I have expanded the blog and put a helpful new page on it as well. It's a list of all of the items currently on clearance, and will be updated biweekly. (Once every two weeks, or on every AJ update.) You can go check it out. :)

And as promised yesterday, here is a painting I made of a rainbow:

Last week I bought a set of water color paints. I like them so much that I use them daily. :)

And a quick heads-up, there is a large chance that I wont be posting tomorrow or sunday. The reason for this is that I have to go somewhere which most likely will not have internet connection.

Hold tight, and I'll be back on monday. See you in Jamaa! 


  1. I can't click Clearance items page! Btw your painting is cool :)

    1. Sorry about that. D: Maybe I should expand the blog a little more?

      And thanks! I just painted another one that I'll post tomorrow. (It turns out that I will have connection to the internet)

    2. Are you on a mobile device? Because I went here on an iPad and I couldn't click it either.

  2. -Gasps- It's a rainbooow! I love rainbows! (Hence the Blogger/AJ name RainbowRider.)


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