Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update 4/25/13

Hey jammers! Today is the biweekly thursday update, and this time it brings both bad news and good news. You can click any of the Jamaa Journal pages to read them better.

   To summarize, the main thing that is new is the "Jam Session" party, where you can play instruments on a stage. The second most substantial bit of news is that AJHQ liked the idea of animals "traveling" and not being available, so they made THREE animals go traveling. To me this is part of the bad news, because there isn't a clear need for it. Also, I like elephants... 
   There is also an (in my opinion too early) announcement of the Summer Carnival coming. I wish this was part of the good news for me, but I already know I won't have a very good summer. I want vacation as far from me as it can be. The reason? I have very little friends, and they've already told me that they are going to spend 2/3 of their summer at camp. That's two months of not having anything to do or anyone to talk to, literally. And in August I'll only see them once or twice. 
   That got a bit off-topic, so anyway, there are some cool new items too, including a garden plot, instruments, and more. 

   Also, according to these messages I keep getting, my membership expires in about 3 days. It's not as bad as you may think. In fact, for me it's great! Membership has gotten a little tasteless for me; just having what item you want whenever. I personally think being a nonmember is more fun. I don't want to seem snobby, but it's my personal opinion on the matter. Nonmembers have to work harder to get colored items than members, and if you want an item for a while and just buy it instead of trading a whole lot for it, then it becomes... Not really as special. I know digital items are not really special, but think about it. I like games where there is challenge. 

Well that post was very long. See you in Jamaa and have a great day! :)

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