Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Fun And Easy Glitch- Still Works!

Hey jammers! Here is a glitch that me and my friends used to do for fun in the Juice Hut. Even after the flying glitch removal, it still works! 

  In this glitch, you'll be able to appear to slide, dance, sleep, or play across the floor in the Juice Hut! Confusing as it may seem, you'll understand it after you read this. :) 

It works anywhere (including dens) with large free spaces. 

First, stand here:

Next, type an action command into the chat bar– but don't press return yet!
An example of an action command:

  Now click the side of the Juice Hut farthest away from you. From where my bunny is standing, click the area with the pillows. Now as fast as you can, after you take one leap away from your spot, press return!

  You will dance across the Juice Hut, from one spot to another! :) 
Of course it depends on what action you do. Type instead :sleep: to sleep, :sitSE: to sit facing southeast or whatever direction you chose, and :play: to of course, play! 

I hope you all enjoy the glitch. Seeya!

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