Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Newbie's Guide To The Summer Carnival

  With the second arrival of the yearly summer carnival, there are some jammers who only just made accounts this year and aren't yet fully acquainted with it. While most of them have probably already got all they need to know off of other blogs, this post is for the percentage that haven't. 

I present to you, The AJ Newbie's Guide to the Summer Carnival. Enjoy, and tell your other confused friends all about it. 


First of all, the summer carnival is a party that can be accessed 24/7 all summer long. You can get to it by clicking the top "SUMMER CARNIVAL" button on the party menu or one of the signs scattered across Jamaa. 

When you arrive in this digital party, you will be at the center, close to a bunch of wood boxes filled with things. What do you do at this party, exactly? You can do a number of things, such as get cotton candy. 

If you move to your left a little, a stand and a game symbol will come into view. You can click the symbol to choose your cone and your flavors. 

Your cotton candy will be seen floating by your animal's head. 

  There are games, too! What would a carnival be without games? All of the games (as usual) have phantoms involved somehow. There's Whack-a-Phantom, Phantom Ball, another phantom related game, and Candy Catch. Candy Catch has phantoms floating around in the background. 

There is also a print-and-play tent with a few word searches and things to draw on in real life. 

Close to the print and play tent is Phantom Ball, the game that earns you the most tickets faster. If played right, of course.

Once you have a target, click the screen. Then, when the arrow is filled enough so it fires with enough velocity to get to the target, click to shoot the phantom ball.

Close to the Phantom Ball is another phantom related game. You use bows and arrows to shoot balloons and phantoms. 

  When you shoot a letter balloon, a letter in the word "phantom" is lit up and if all of them light up, you get a lot of points. When you shoot a balloon with arrows on it, you get extra arrows, as you have limited ammo in the game. Don't let the phantoms get too close, you'll lose arrows!

On the other side of the carnival, a couple of more games are set up: Whack-a-Phantom and Candy Catch.

  In this game, there are a number of holes. Once every two seconds, some phantoms pop up. There are red-eyed phantoms (don't hit them!), normal phantoms (hit them), and golden phantoms. (They're elusive and get you more points, hit them quickly!) 

Just to the right of Whack-a-Phantom stands Candy Catch, a fast-paced game where you catch candy and avoid the phantoms falling with it.
It doesn't get you many points because of it's difficulty, but it's fun nonetheless.

And for all of you who have a lot of gems, but not much gaming skill, there is the ticket shop. 

You can buy tickets to spend on cool prizes when you don't have much time to earn them all through the games. 

  When you've acquired a fair amount of tickets, you can spend them away at the various prize booths in the carnival. They have pet plushies, bright clothing items, and a new addition this year; den items! They sell both member only items and items for everyone, but the items that can be bought by nonmembers are hard to come by.

Enjoy the carnival! :)

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